Flo Ware Park
28th & S. Jackson, Seattle WA


Leschi Community Council (this is our parent organization)
P.O.Box 22391
Seattle, WA 98122-9391

The Leschi Comunity Council works to help keep Leschi the extraordinary place it is through social, environmental, land use, and artistic efforts.  If you are new to Leschi, we urge you to come and meet your fellow residents at the monthly meetings held from September through June at the Central Area Senior Center

More Community Supporters

  • The Central Area Development Association (CADA) 
  • Seattle Girls School - 50% scholarship
  • Church of God Evangelistic Center
  • Iglesia de Dios Pentecostes
  • Oromo Community Center
  • Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

Friends of Flo Ware Park

  • John Barber - coordinator
  • Mark Tapia
  • Kimberly Bowen
  • Helen Idore Anschell
  • Chrissy Mathews
  • Andrea Harrison
  • Nathan Harison
  • Cynthia Davenport
  • Mattie Lynch
  • Diane Angell
  • Tonna Kutner
  • Thurston Muskelly
  • Peggy Herman
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Contact us:  info@FloWarePark.org

Friends of Flo Ware Park - www.FloWarePark.org
P.O. Box 22391
Seattle, WA 98122-0319


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