Flo Ware Park
28th & S. Jackson, Seattle WA

The building of Flo Ware Park is underway!  Here are some pictures taken on November 26, 2003. 

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About Flo Ware
Why Rebuild?
How You can Help
New Park Design

New Play Equipment and
underlayment of rubberized play surface


Entrance to the park on 28th and Jackson
Coyote Jr. High Creation will go here

Meandering Ribbon
(blank area will have words and deeds of Flo Ware).


Some of the Friends of Flo Ware Park and
Randy from the Parks Department

View of the Park from the inside corner



Contact us:  info@FloWarePark.org

Friends of Flo Ware Park - www.FloWarePark.org
P.O. Box 22391
Seattle, WA 98122-0319

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